Our Services

Our principal sevices relate to the evaluation of commercial real estate assets, portfolios and holding companies, and in the workout, management, repositioning and disposition of underperforming and distressed commercial real estate assets, portfolios, operating and holding companies, including the:

  • Management, Repositioning and Disposition of Distressed Commercial Real Estate Properties and Asset Portfolios
  • Workout, Restructuring and Disposition of Underperforming Commercial Real Estate Loans and Loan Portfolios
  • Preparation of Asset Management Plans and Operating Budgets for Commerical Real Estate Assets
  • Preparation and Implementation of Reorganization Plans for Real Estate Companies, Trusts and Partnerships
  • Due DIligence Reviews of Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and of Existing Commercial Real Estate Assets, Portfolios and Companies
  • Underwriting of Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Credit Scoring of Commercial Real Estate Portfolios
  • Management and Operational Audits of Commercial Real Estate Companies and Departments
  • Preparation, Review and Revision of Written Real Estate Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment, Training and Development of Commercial Real Estate Management and Operational Staff
  • Design and Development of Database Systems for Managing Commerical Real Estate Assets and Risks
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