Our Strengths
  • Our Size and Focus, We have consciously chosen to remain a small firm focused on assisting selected clients in managing risks and uncovering value in commercial real estate. We work hard at remaining at the forefront of our chosen field and at meeting or exceeding the expectations of each of our clients, focusing on professionally challenging engagements in which we can add value for our clients through the direct and active involvement of our senior managing directors.
  • Our Experience, Our senior managing directors are highly qualified and seasoned professionals with demonstrated skills and experience in the fields of commercial real estate management and analysis, credit and financial management, banking, investment banking and the capital markets. Over the past 15 years, E.C. Kock & Co., Inc. has reviewed evaluated and managed over $16 billion in domestic and international commercial real estate assets. We have managed or evaluated speculative land developments, office buildings, shopping centers and malls, hotel, apartment buildings, co-operative and condominium projects, resort centers, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. We have managed or evaluated loans and assets in most of the major domestic markets including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Tampa and Miami, and in many of the major international markets, including Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and Poland.
  • Our Approach, While some of the services which we provide are merely advisory in nature and some of the other services which we provide could be structured as an ongoing service, we generally view ourselves as interim managers rather than as consultants or as ongoing service providers, and view our engagements as interim management assignments. Our emphasis is on practical solutions, "hands-on" and often on-site tactical implementation, successful and timely task completion and the smooth transfer of regularly recurring responsibilities to in-house staff or third party service providers.
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